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Camp Registration Process


Preparing for a camp weekend starts months before the actual weekend. There are a couple of critical steps involved in the application and registration process. We hope the following information will help clarify the registration process and what happens in the weeks leading up to camp.


Submitting an Application: Once you have submitted an application, you will receive confirmation that your application has been submitted correctly. Each child must have a separate application completed in its entirety. While we understand this may take a fair amount of time, it is important for us to have as much information as possible about your child’s life and grief experience.

Registering a Camper: Once you have submitted an application, you will need to register your child for camp. Please note that with every child’s application you submit, you must register your child for a camp session from the camp dates available. Once you have successfully registered your child(ren) the camp date you selected will disappear from the calendar, which will indicate that you have successfully registered for that camp session.

Phone Interview: We conduct a phone interview each time a child attends a camp session. This includes returning campers that have attended for many years. The purpose of the phone interview is to collect information about your child that will allow us to set them up for success throughout his/her camp weekend. This phone interview will be conducted by the Intake Coordinator or one of our volunteer therapists.

Accepted Camper: Your child(ren) has been accepted once you have received an email from the Intake Coordinator declaring acceptance. This will be easily identifiable, as the subject of the email will state Camper Acceptance Packet – Camp Date. It is important for you to read this email in its entirety because it is filled with information about camp and contains paperwork that must be completed prior to your child(ren) attending the camp session.

Registration List: When you fill out an application to attend a camp in your region, your child’s name will be placed on a  Registration List (formerly known as Wait List). Starting 10-12 weeks before a camp program begins, you will be notified if your child is eligible attend the upcoming camp. (Please note: If you have not heard from Comfort Zone within 10-12 weeks prior to a camp, your child is currently not eligible for the given program.) This process, eliminates the need to reapply for a camp program later in the year if the dates that you selected are not available. If, for example, there is not space or resources available for your child at a camp in May, your child’s name is placed on the list for eligibility to attend the next camp program scheduled for your region. It is also possible that if you register for a camp for later in the year, your child may be eligible to attend camp earlier in the year based on space and resources. We may reach out to you if your child is eligible for an earlier camp program. 

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