“In all honesty, the first time my mom said that we were going to CZC I threw the world's largest fit... I sat on the plane trying to figure out EVERY way possible I could get off. My mom was so worried about us she even called out to camp on the first night to make sure we were still there. But, I have been back two more times. If you’re nervous, get through the "ice breaker" games, and things get easier!”
– Lexi, Oakley, KS

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What's Comfort Zone About?

Our camps are for kids 7-17, who have suffered the death of a parent, sibling or legal guardian. When you go to camp, you will meet a ton of kids who have been through similar things you have. Because everyone here has had a loss and can relate on a level that few others can, you will make lasting friendships.


Camp is mostly about fun. We play games, hike, sing karaoke (or watch), and eat s'mores. But there are also times throughout the weekend where you will be able to hear other kids' stories, and have the chance to tell your own. Everything is done by choice, so you can share as much - or as little - as you want.


Many first time campers are unsure, which is understandable—it’s different. But, know that camp is about making friendships, meeting other kids who can relate, and doing typical "camp stuff." Check out what past campers have to say, look at some pictures and watch videos from camp in our scrapbook.


Even if you’re still nervous, give Comfort Zone Camp a shot. We promise it’s worth it.


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