A fun and safe place for grieving children.

"Rock star" shines in the community


Comfort Zone Massachusetts Regional Development Officer Sue Oppici sums up Mary Barber in three simple words: “a rock star.”


She’s also a “fundraiser turned young adult camper turned volunteer council member turned Grief Relief 5K chair.”


Yes, Mary has been very active since she joined the Comfort Zone community in 2012 to raise money on the Grief Relief Team.


Mary has volunteered at eight – yes eight! – camps in 2014, as well as chairing the annual Grief Relief 5K in her hometown of Medford, Massachusetts.


“When asked about my involvement with Comfort Zone, I often pause to find the right words,” Mary said. “I often tell people to take a day to experience camp. This is not because I do not want to describe it or that I am put on the spot, but putting a weekend full of magic into a few words is seemingly impossible.”


Mary said that camp “creates this infectious magic in a sea of grief and sadness.”


“Mary truly understands the benefits of Comfort Zone’s programs and how it positively impacts and inspires each camper’s future,” said Comfort Zone’s Sue.


Mary also said that Comfort Zone has helped her learn more about herself and helped her focus on her strengths.


“I can pinpoint where my leadership skills require development, but more importantly I now know the importance of a genuine community” Mary said.


You, too, can be a rock star with Mary! Click here to get started on creating your own fundraiser for Comfort Zone.


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