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A Life Rewritten: Amanda's Story

This past Mother’s Day, I felt especially lucky to have my daughter Grace. What they say is true: nothing really prepares you for the love you feel for your child.  She is my world. 


But I also know I wouldn’t be her mother, celebrating Mother’s Day, without Comfort Zone.  Actually I’m pretty sure I wouldn't be celebrating anything without Comfort Zone. 


As a teenager, I wasn’t coping with my father’s sudden death.  I was in a deep depression and can remember feeling an overwhelming darkness - as if I was in a tunnel without a light.  I hid these feelings from everyone, but my mom must have known something because she sent me to Comfort Zone. 


That first day of camp was also the first step to finding the light in the dark. Looking back nineteen years later, I can confidently say that's the moment when my life changed course.  I started to believe I would be okay and started on a completely different route than where that dark tunnel was leading me. 


I’m sharing some pictures with you because the founder of Comfort Zone and all the people that supported her vision, played a role in every one of these moments. If you are someone who supports children through Comfort Zone, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  


If you'd like to be part of more stories and family moments, please consider making a gift here: Donate


Your involvement with Comfort Zone is creating change.  My family and all the families impacted by your care are grateful for you. 


Amanda Ryan Tucker







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