A fun and safe place for grieving children.

Guardian: Comfort Zone is "the best way to grieve and heal"


Welfa Blount’s family dynamic was drastically changed when Tamia, then 7 years old, lost her 26-year-old mother from heart disease.  After the loss of her mother, Welfa became the guardian of young Tamia. 


It was clear to Welfa that Tamia was feeling alone, obviously feeling the effects of missing her mother and everything in her life changing so quickly. This is when Welfa looked into having Tamia attend a weekend with Comfort Zone Camp in Virginia. The results were extremely positive for Tamia and her family.  


“At Comfort Zone Camp, Tamia is encouraged to honor her feelings and learn ways to cope with her loss in a fun, safe, and caring environment,” says Welfa.  “The best part is she gets to interact with kids who know just what she is going through.”


Seeing the positive impact Comfort Zone Camp had on Tamia has changed Welfa and her family’s outlook on death as well. “Our family has a newly gained respect for the importance of taking the time to mourn, grieve, and heal,” says Welfa.


After seeing such positive effects that Comfort Zone Camp has had on Tamia and her family, Welfa strongly feels that giving back and supporting Comfort Zone is extremely important.


“To support Comfort Zone Camp is investing in the wellness of our community,” says Welfa. “Children who learn and practice skills that are encouraged at camp are empowered to grow up to be well-rounded, responsible, and productive adults.”


Welma is also an advocate of Comfort Zone Camp, telling parents just how positive the Comfort Zone Camp experience can be. According to Welma, “Sending your child to Comfort Zone Camp shows them that you love them enough to give them the best way to grieve and heal.”


Tamia was one of 5 campers to receive a scholarship this past summer to attend a Shaka Smart basketball camp! Click here to check out our Facebook post about it. 


Make your investment to the Comfort Zone community today! Click here to get started. 

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