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Comfort Zone Camp's 2016 Theme: Connection


Connection is an attribute important to everyone, as connections help us to remain healthy and grounded. At Comfort Zone Camp, we see how vitally important connections are in the positive development of youth.


"Children know how to connect. When they realize a death in their life the concept of compassion is fully appreciated. They look to share empathy with their peers because they understand its importance when grieving. You know how to give from what is missing in your life," shared Pete Shrock, Vice President of Strategy, Design and Programs for Comfort 


Children with close ties to family, friends, school, and community are more likely to have a solid sense of security that produces strong values and prevents them from seeking destructive alternatives in times of stress. While family is the central force in any child's life, civic connection can and will increase a bereaved child’s sense of belonging to a wider world and feeling of being safe within it.  


This makes connection an important theme for Comfort Zone in 2016.  Throughout the year, and most importantly through our programs, we will focus on the concept of connection, why it’s important, and how to build it.   


According to the program This Emotional Life on PBS, connections with others have profound effects on our wellbeing and long-term happiness. One of their stories notes that "scientists have observed what they call 'hedonic adaption': our tendency to quickly adapt to our changing circumstances. This is why people who win the lottery, for instance, usually find themselves at the same level of happiness they had before they won. Close relationships, however, may be an exception. In contrast to material goods, we are more likely to continue to want our close relationships, even after we attain them, and to continue to derive positive emotions from them."


Having relationships that are authentic and built from values or attributes ensures that we are surrounded by individuals that we can model behavior from. We learn to do this as a child and continue to do it as healthy adults. Role models are and will always be vital to our personal growth and health. 


Success is not what creates deep and lasting connection. It is our ability to share joy, pain, fears, memories, and experiences.  If someone teaches us to share during a time of conflict, we can continue this throughout our life and build many more connections than ever imagined. 


How are you connected? How can you share and experience to build a deeper connection? 


Take part in the CONNECTION theme. Share your strategies for staying connected 2016. Share your strategies online and challenge others to connect!  We will share strategies and continue the discussion.

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