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Andrew's 20-Hour Workout Challenge

20 years + 20 Hours = $93,011


Comfort Zone Board member and volunteer Andrew Weinman “exercised” his support for Comfort Zone Camp in a whole new way.  On May 6th, he spearheaded the “The 20-Hour Workout Challenge”, in honor of the 20 year anniversary of his father’s death. 


Together with teammates and fellow volunteers Matt Louthan, Connor Creech and Alyssa Steinweiss, they completed 20 hours of continuous exercise from 6am to 2am the next morning.  The event produced more than exhaustion, sore muscles, and sweat - it raised $93,011 for Comfort Zone! 


Andrew humbly explained, “First, I’m not very good at much else.  More importantly, however, research shows that physical exercise is one of the best grief coping skills.  For me, these past 20 years without my father have been a continuous struggle despite being at peace with his death.  This 20-hour challenge represents that ongoing 20-year struggle….Grief isn’t an acute illness, however it is an acute emotion that can truly affect us all just like an illness.  For children, grief can be devastating.”


We disagree that Andrew isn’t very good at much else, but agree that grief can be devastating.  His challenge will allow more children to attend our programs and discover their capacity to heal, grow and lead more fulfilling lives. 


Huge thank you to Andrew, Matt. Connor, Alyssa, and all the people who supported them!


Have your own idea for a fundraiser?  We’d love to hear about it!  E-mail here: I Have a Fundraising Idea! 









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