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Comfort Zone's Impact Grows

4,300 people served by therapeutic services, group support and volunteer programs


By Pete Shrock

Vice President of Strategy and Design


Comfort Zone knows that children are most successful in their grief journeys when the community supports their efforts to heal and grow in healthy ways. This is why one very important part of our mission is to continually grow the community of people who can be comfort zones to children in grief.


A comfort zone is anyone who helps a child be successful on their grief journey. From connecting a family to resources to volunteering their time, just about anyone has the power to become a comfort zone.


In fact, every person who participates in our trainings, support groups or grief summits becomes a comfort zone – not only for themselves, but for their colleagues, friends and families. Every parent whose children attend our programs becomes a comfort zone – not only for their children, but also for their workplace, school and neighborhood. In fact, every child who attends our programs becomes a comfort zone – not only for himself, but for every other person they ever encounter who has experienced a loss.


In 2014, nearly 4,300 people became comfort zones through our therapeutic services, groups support and volunteer programs. In addition to that, thousands of individuals, businesses and foundations donate to make it possible for us to create ever-growing impact, and by doing so, they become comfort zones to us all. Together, our impact is greater than any other year in Comfort Zone’s history; we are an incredible community, and I’m proud to be a part of it.


I thank you for being a comfort zone in 2014, and I look forward to working with you to grow this community even more in the year to come. 


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