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The Camp Bubble
Comfort Zone Camp is set in a rustic camp environment to get kids away from the distractions of the real world and create what we call the “camp bubble.” Within the camp bubble, no one is (or feels) different about having a death in their family.  The isolation is broken and turbo-bonding happens because everyone else has had a loss too.


While within the camp bubble, kids are given the opportunity to play, share their stories, build trust and friendships, and receive validation from their peers that whatever they are thinking and feeling is okay. All of this leads to an increase in self-esteem, and a good time.


"I have seen kids grow and learn more in two and a half days at camp than many months of individual therapy."

– Allison White Twente, Ph.D., Westhampton Family Psychologists, P.C.


"Learning from each other propels kids forward in their grief journeys. They walk out of camp saying, "I’m going to be okay.""

– Jill FitzGerald, LCSW, Founder, Grief Resource Center


Sending a kid to camp is like taking preventative medicine. While your child may seem to be coping with grief in a healthy way now, the grief will never disappear, and no one can predict what will be a challenge in the future. When they are challenged, campers will be able to pull from what they learned at CZC to continue to cope in healthy ways.  

– Allison White Twente, Ph.D., Westhampton Family Psychologists, P.C.

At Comfort Zone Camp, kids are given:


A place to tell their stories and feelings – Throughout the camp, kids meet in small groups called Healing CirclesSM. The Healing CirclesSM are broken down by age and are led by licensed grief therapists who interact and support the campers all weekend.* Within the Healing CirclesSM, campers are allowed to talk about their loss – a subject often taboo in the real world where people don’t get it, and are uncomfortable hearing about it. Healing CirclesSM also work together to do trust and team building activities.


Validation from peers – At camp, kids get a chance to not only share the story of their loss in their own words, but just as important, they get to hear other kids’ stories as well. They receive validation in what they think and feel, support each other and quickly learn that they are not alone.


Opportunities to say goodbye and remember loved ones – Most kids did not get the opportunity to say goodbye to their loved ones. Funerals are designed for adults to say goodbye, but there is often no official venue for kids. Our memorial service does this very thing. The campers sing songs, read poems, do skits, and more, in tribute to their loved ones. Parents and guardians are encouraged to attend. We also provide opportunities for our campers to remember their loved ones throughout the weekend through writing, art and group activities.


Tools to help them after camp – Grief never goes away, and we recognize that kids will have tough days outside of camp.  We work to prepare our campers for the tough times that will come, and give them tools to help make those days more manageable. We discuss and model healthy coping skills, including ways to stay connected to loved ones through the years.


FUN – Kids often become miniature adults after experiencing the death of a loved one. Comfort Zone Camp allows kids to get back to being kids again, and have fun! There are times for kickball, football, hiking, arts and crafts, s’mores, songs, games, and more.


After Camp
Kids leave camp with lasting friendships and a new community of support that will be there for them year after year—the Comfort Zone Camp community. Campers can stay connected on our secure online bereavement community HelloGrief.org and return to camp every year until they graduate high school.


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* A parents/guardians meeting is held at the beginning and also the end of camp, where the Healing Circle Leaders can answer your grief-related questions.


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