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Camp Registration Process


Preparing for a camp weekend starts months before the actual weekend. There are a couple of critical steps involved in the application and registration process. We hope the following information will help clarify the registration process and what happens in the weeks leading up to camp.



3 Day Camp Program


  •  How to Register:


For families that are new to Comfort Zone, parents/guardians must first create a profile for themselves through MyCZC. Once the parent/guardian profile is complete, you will be prompted for your family’s bereavement information, followed by the option to ‘Add a Camper.’ Please follow the instructions to complete your camper’s profile.


Within three weeks of registration, parents/guardians will receive email confirmation that the registered child(ren) has been added to their region’s Rolling Registration List.


As soon as space is available for your child(ren) at an upcoming program, you will be contacted directly by Comfort Zone staff. Camp rosters are filled based on date of registration. Families who accept space at an upcoming program will undergo a camper interview process, which includes a phone call for families that are new to camp and a written intake questionnaire, to be completed online by the child’s legal guardian. Participants are not accepted to camp programs until all questionnaire information has been received, reviewed by Comfort Zone intake staff, and all necessary follow-up has been completed.

  • Rolling Registration List:


We have received a lot of questions about how Comfort Zone’s Rolling Registration operates.  Because we want to be sure you have the information needed, below are many of the frequently asked questions we receive from other parents/guardians regarding your child(ren)'s eligibility to attend a 3-day camp program and the process it entails before coming off the Rolling Registration List to attend a session.



Frequently Asked Questions for Registered Camper Families


Q. Who is eligible to attend a traditional 3-day camp program?

A. In case you want to be sure your child(ren) is eligible, 3-day campers are between the ages of 7 and 17 and have experienced the death of a parent, primary caregiver, or sibling. Campers may be 18 in the children’s camp program, so long as they have not completed high school. We also offer Young Adult programs – these 3-day camps are open to emerging adults ages 18 to 25 who have experienced a significant loss.


Q. Now that we are registered on the website, what happens next?

A. Once your child(ren) is registered on our website, they are placed on our Rolling Registration List. Within 14 days of registering, you will be emailed a communication indicating that your child(ren) has been placed on the Rolling Registration List for your region. This is the list from which we pull to offer a space at our traditional 3-day camp program, based on the date the child was registered.


When a space becomes available for your family at an upcoming traditional 3-day camp in your region, Comfort Zone Staff will contact you directly by email to confirm your availability As time goes by, if your email address should change, please be sure to update your Comfort Zone profile account to ensure we are able to connect with you quickly.


At this time, all traditional 3-day camp programs are operating on a wait list.


Q. How long will it take for my child(ren) to be invited to attend a 3-day camp program?

A. The time between registering and receiving an invitation to a camp program varies for each of our regions, based on factors that include the number of programs offered within the region and the number of families already waiting for camp services. In most regions, families can expect that space at camp will not be available for a minimum of a year.


Q. While we are waiting for an opportunity to attend one of your camp programs, what can we do?

A. Comfort Zone offers programming beyond the 3-day camps, including one-day Family Programs in each of our regions. These afternoon-long programs allow your family to attend together, connect with others within the Comfort Zone community, take part in breakout groups with peers, and create a family project to be taken home with you. Family programs are opportunities to introduce new ways to talk about and remember things about your significant person, as well as to bring members of your family together who may not have had a place in which to talk about their grief journey. Topics and themes change throughout the year, so it is a way to return to Comfort Zone’s special community and environment again and again, while finding ways to cope together. 


Additionally, we encourage you to join our newsletter, and visit our website calendar periodically to learn about and attend other events held in your region. Just being present with the Comfort Zone community can be very healing and allow your child(ren) to see and realize they are not alone in their grief journey.


But what else?


You are now an official “CZC Ambassador.” Tell your children’s school counselor, principal, teacher or coach about Comfort Zone Camp. Volunteer at a camp or other program yourself. Join The Zone and host a local fundraiser (visit our website at www.comfortzonecamp.org/giving). It costs $600 to send a child to camp, and with your support we can ensure that cost is never a barrier to a family in need. Request our book, You Are Not Alone: Teens Talk About The Loss of A Parent, and donate it to your school library. All of these things help us provide healing opportunities for more children.


Q. I registered for camp through a partnership organization and this is not a familiar process for me. What do I need to know?

A. If you take part in a Comfort Zone camp program by way of a program partnership, your specific registration process remains unchanged. This FAQ applies to families applying for the traditional 3-day camp programming.





1 Day Family Program:


  • How to Register: 


To register for a Family Day Program, log on to your MyComfortZone account. If you do not have an account, please create one and add your campers to your account first. After you have logged into your account, you should then visit our calendar (link to webpage). Select the program for which you wish to register and click on the link on the event page. On the next page, click on "Register Now" to fill out all necessary registration information. Make sure to select the number of people that you are registering in the drop-down menu at the top of the "Program Event Registration" page. 

New Registration

To register, please create an account so you can save your application as you go. Your contact information will not be used for spam or shared outside of Comfort Zone.

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