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Fundraising Success Stories


These are a few ways people have helped raise funds and awareness for Comfort Zone. 


Let us know if you are interested in planning your own fundraiser, by registering your fundraising event online or sending us an email. We will send you the Toolkit and required form to complete, and are happy to answer any questions!



Golf Tournament


Fourteen year old camper Jake Mailloux became a fundraiser on Saturday, June 3rd in 2017 when he hosted a golf tournament in memory of his father, Joe.  Jake aimed to send two children to camp ($1200) as well as raise awareness about Comfort Zone in his community. Jake thought, “What better way than to play the sport my Dad loved so much, GOLF!”  


With 50 golfers, numerous tee-box sponsors, and silent auction items, Jake’s “Mailloux Master’s” Golf Tournament (along with the humble help of his step-dad Chris) raised SIX times his initial goal – donating over $7,200 to CZC!  Thank you Jake, Chris, and the entire Mailloux and Petersen families, friends, and all of the local community supporters!


Jake not only honored his father, he also paid it forward for other kids. This is a part of who Jake is and also the thoughts he shared about raising money for Comfort Zone while speaking at our annual Gala in March 2017:


"You may think that this is just another charity event or a reason to give back, but for me this is much more. You are helping children like me to survive...not by hiding or being embarrassed or trying to forget their loved one...but by remembering them, and being proud of who they were and who we are. I want you to know that all the children at these camps can never thank you enough. Because of the support you give us, we now have our own personal Comfort Zone!” ~ Jake Mailloux


It is truly impressive to see Jake’s passion to help send other kids to camp to experience what he did and to see everyone rally around him, even if they didn’t know him!





Brewery Fundraiser


Trapezium Brewing Company Releases Gold Medal Beer in Support of Comfort Zone.


This beer took home a Gold medal at the 2017 Virginia Craft Brewers' Guild Awards. Even more important to Trapezium, it was the favorite beer of their dear friend, Cecil Martin.


Cecil was a tirelessly generous man who had an incredible impact on the lives of everyone around him. Last year, they bumped up the production schedule so they could make one more batch of Strawberry Blonde for Cecil as he battled terminal cancer. That release went down as one of the best events in TPZM history, giving them a good excuse to gather Cecil's friends and family, all while raising money for a local non-profit of Cecil's choosing.


Shortly after that release, they lost him. His legacy lives on, and they teamed up with his family again this year to celebrate Cecil and raise funds for Comfort Zone Camp.


$1 from each Strawberry Blonde pint was donated to Comfort Zone Camp.







Workout Challenge


Comfort Zone Board member and volunteer Andrew Weinman “exercised” his support for Comfort Zone Camp in a whole new way.  He spearheaded the “The 20-Hour Workout Challenge”, in honor of the 20 year anniversary of his father’s death. 


Together with teammates and fellow volunteers Matt Louthan, Connor Creech and Alyssa Steinweiss, they completed 20 hours of continuous exercise from 6am to 2am the next morning.  The event produced more than exhaustion, sore muscles, and sweat - it raised $93,011 for Comfort Zone! 


Andrew humbly explained, “First, I’m not very good at much else.  More importantly, however, research shows that physical exercise is one of the best grief coping skills.  For me, these past 20 years without my father have been a continuous struggle despite being at peace with his death.  This 20-hour challenge represents that ongoing 20-year struggle….Grief isn’t an acute illness, however it is an acute emotion that can truly affect us all just like an illness.  For children, grief can be devastating.”


We disagree that Andrew isn’t very good at much else, but agree that grief can be devastating.   His challenge helped more children to attend our programs and discover their capacity to heal, grow and lead more fulfilling lives. 









National Bubble Gum Day

Host a “Chew for Charity” where students pay $1 to be able to chew gum at school on National Bubble Gum Day. Chewing gum could also be purchased for 25 cents. Amount raised by Jessie Roberts and her Student Council was over $1,100.


Hunter Pace & Trail Ride

The Malloy Family hosts an annual event at Weathersfield Farm in memory of their son and brother Kevin T. Malloy. Their 8th Annual event was in 2017, raising over $14,000!


Polar Plunge

During the winter, jump in the cold water despite the cold temperature. Since 2011, volunteers and families have been plunging into the frigid water on Cape Cod under the charge of Tania Lyons and Chris Greim. Over the years, this event has raised more than $80,000!



Zumba Fundraiser

Jess Lavine and Renae Nichols held 4 Zumba® Fundraisers since February 2014, raising over $12,000! Each event included a Zumba® Kids Party and Adult Master Class.


Paint Nite

Laura Ferrelli found Paint Nite to be an excellent way for friends to come together to raise money for an incredible cause while having a lot of fun! 


Monument 5K

Volunteers, campers, and families joined in on the fun, by spreading the word about the Monument 10k to raise funds for Comfort Zone, and then running in it!










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