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BIG BUDDY SHARE: Veronique Sylvia


Have you ever been surprised by that feeling you get when you help someone?  Your heart is full and emotions are electrified.  All your attention is focused on that moment in time. It is the only thing that matters.  You realize you can make someone’s life better and feel good at the same time.  It’s a win-win!


My story with Comfort Zone began when a colleague at New York Life suggested I attend a volunteer training.  The mission of helping families cope with grief seemed to be a perfect extension of my daily work as a financial professional.  Previously, I felt frustrated that, although I could help make the monetary loss easier, I wanted to do more.


At first, I wasn’t sure if I was the right kind of volunteer.  I haven’t lost a parent or sibling. How could I be of service?  After the training, I realized we all have gifts to share, and I felt confident I could help.


My volunteer experience began at the Family Day program, which is an opportunity for the whole family to remember, share, and communicate in a safe place.  I was paired with a teenage girl who was quiet and shy.


During our first activity, I asked her questions about the books she read. Our mutual love of YA science fiction novels created an instant bond between us. Even though she gave mostly one-word answers throughout the day, I made sure she knew I was there to support and encourage her. At the close of the program, presentations are made from each family for the family memorial project.  To my surprise, my Little Buddy suddenly spoke up right at the end of the presentation.  She shared about her dad and the meaning of her project. 


As we gathered up our things to leave, I approached her with a pin in recognition of her courage.  I presented it to her saying that I was very proud of her courage to share and that her dad would be proud, too.  The smile on her face was priceless!     


So here I am, writing to let you know that no matter who you are, whatever your life experiences, if you have a desire to help others, and want that amazing full-heart-electrified-emotions-feeling then you have something to offer. 




Veronique Sylvia


Please join Comfort Zone as we continue to raise awareness of childhood grief and help give families their lives back. Volunteer. Donate. Advocate


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