A fun and safe place for grieving children.



In 2009, I saw a morning news story about Comfort Zone Camp here in California, and immediately visited the website. After watching a video and reading some of the stories, I was hooked, saying to myself “how can I not be a part of this?” Knowing that I’m a Class A Procrastinator, I signed up for a training as soon as possible. Little did I know how life-changing it would be to become a CZC volunteer.


It’s been almost 9 years since my very first training, and I have had the privilege of volunteering at dozens of camps in California and across the country. However, it’s still hard to put into words what it is about CZC that has had such a profound effect on me every time I volunteer. All I can come up with... it just makes you feel good.


The fact that in just a short weekend, you can fully devote yourself and be there to support someone that is going through such a painful time AND make a difference in their life, is something so special that you just can’t get anywhere else.  Not only am I helping those who need it the most, but CZC also helps put my own life in perspective Even though I don’t have a close personal loss myself, I am there to provide any support my camper might need, be it someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on, a hug, or just someone to be goofy and act like a kid with. One of my campers shared with me that he liked camp “because it felt like everyone here cared.” Nothing makes you feel better than being a part of that.


And here’s the best thing... YOU can be a part of Comfort Zone Camp too. There are many ways to get involved: volunteering, fundraising, or just getting the word out about this incredible organization.


At the end of one of my first camp weekends, my little buddy gave me a gift. As he was about to leave, he ran over and handed me the bracelet he was wearing. It has his family name on it and the words “Stand Strong” – he, his sister and dad wear it as a reminder of his mom’s life. He gave it to me so that I could remember his mom as well. As a “dude” (who has been through many years of Man-Training), I’m not very emotional – but at that moment, I got very emotional. When he gave me his bracelet, I became part of that family. Not only am I thankful to be a proud supporter of an incredible organization, I am now part of a child’s life and an advocate for the memory of his mom… something I proudly wear with me wherever I go.


With your support, you can help kids find a safe, fun place to learn about their grief. You can give them a voice. And, most importantly, you can show them they are not alone by giving them a group of people passionately dedicated to providing support and understanding.





Mike Gains


Please join Comfort Zone as we continue to raise awareness of childhood grief and help give families their lives back. Volunteer. Donate. Advocate.




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